A Dance with Constraints

The year was 2015. Apple announced exciting new features of CloudKit at WWDC. Mostly notably, a very generous free tier. Private Database is free, for App developers anyway. Public Database's free limits grow with users. I am going to spare you from numbers, just say, it is basically free. By the time, Apple started to charge you, you probably don't even care, since you've got so many users.

A Story About Privacy

A few years ago, I was using Visual Studio Code to write an article. I did not want to copy the content over to Microsoft Word, or Pages just to do the spelling and grammar check, and then copy it back. So, I went to marketplace, and installed an extension, like most of us do in need of something.

Swift For TensorFlow is Awesome

Swift for TensorFlow is a next generation platform for deep learning and differentiable programming. A lot of people are excited about it. You should too.

AI Editor

Powered by latest machine learning and natural language processing breakthrough. Solve spelling and grammar issues before it happens.

Code Blackboard 3.0 is Available

Now, you can share code with others, as well as other type of files, images, PDFs, etc. You can also comfortably search and download code uploaded by others on your iPhone or iPad.

Open Source Code in Code Blackboard

Code Blackboard benefited from open source communities as well as great contributions by various developers from developer forums. Below are a few open source projects that are being directly used in this project. Thanks for contributors form those projects. Happy coding.