Code Blackboard 2.0 is Out

Code Blackboard 2.0 Release Notes#

New Features#

Code Viewer now is using 1.4x line spacing to improve legibility.

A few minor text decoration issues are fixed in this release.

Folder is supported. User can create folders to organize their code blackboards. For local folders, it works the same way as regular folders. You can drag files in, and drag files out. If you primarily use Code Blackboard - macOS on single computer, and don't upload it to iCloud to read on other devices, you are fine. If you do upload your code blackboards and folders to iCloud, there are a few things you should know:

  • You can only move an iCloud-connected code blackboard into another iCloud-connected folder.
  • Code Blackboard takes a "lazy" approach to handle changes. This provides the fine-grained control that most programmers need. But it requires more explicit actions to sync it to iCloud. For example: after you moved a code blackboard, it will be marked as "edited". You need to select it and select [Sync] to send the change to iCloud so that other devices could pick this change up.
  • [Fetch] or Pull-to-Refresh won't remove code blackboards that had been moved away. You need to [Fetch] or Pull-to-Refresh on the target folder to get the new location of the moved code blackboards and move them into the right place.

Overall, we value control and speed over encapsulation. The reason behind this is that Code Blackboard is a developer tool. Its user base natually understands the technical concerns and appreciates more control over their content.


Send us feedback about issues and bugs. Enjoy!