eWriter vs Numathic Write

eWriter and Numathic Write share same codebase, but have different goals.

  1. eWriter is FREE.

It is a full featured editor. You can use it to write text, edit markdown. You can also use it to edit Javascript, C#, Python, ... It provides blazing fast autocompletion for markdown and text files. It provides various dates.

  1. eWriter is compact. It will be kept this way.

It is smaller and faster to download, and occupies less space. eWriter doesn't pack with any dictionaries. It uses system's word list instead. Mac OSX has a word list at /usr/share/dict/words. That is the dictionary eWriter uses. It contains about 235,000 to 236,000 entries. That is a lot of words. We will definitely add features into eWriter. But it will be kept at the same size or smaller.

  1. Numathic Write is for power users. It is where our core value is: enhance and empower writers.

We will keep adding entries into dictionaries. Our hope is to provide the tool that every writer needs and wouldn't write without. We wouldn't chop features just to fit the package to a certain size. We don't bother our users with In-App Purchase, cloud based features, etc. Its goal is a pure writing tool. Everything is local. All data are local. It is secure. This product represents our value, and we put a reasonable price tag on it to support our development.

All in all, enjoy eWriter, and please do try Numathic Write if you want to commit to writing.